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Website Hosting

From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, SSPL provides you a complete web hosting solution includes:

Shared Web Hosting: Our Shared Hosting Services are good for Home and Small Businesses because it is much economical as many people share the overall cost for the Server Maintenance.

Dedicated Web Hosting: Dedicated Hosting Services are usually good for large Businesses as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of Operating System, Hardware etc.

  • Back Up
  • Restore
  • Manage E-Mail Accounts
    (Add/ Remove/ Change Password)
  • Webmail for all Accounts
  • Stats
  • Manage FTP Accounts
    (Add/ Remove/ Change Password)

We know that finding a cheap, reliable web host is not a simple task so we've put all the information you need in one place to help you make your decision. At Syscom Softech, we pride ourselves in our commitment to our customers and want to make sure they have all the details they need before making that big decision. Our reliability is guaranteed due in part to our unique load balancing technology and super fast backbone connections. With load balancing, your site is available from multiple servers, so if one server becomes unavailable, your site will still be live on the other server, virtually eliminating site downtime. Our prices are incredibly competitive for every plan.

Thousands of companies are offering web hosting services, all making huge claims about monitoring and maintaining your servers. But then, why should you choose SSPL Web Hosting?

Reliable & Secure Data Centers

We have servers based in prime, natural-disaster-free location like in the US. The round-the-clock, proactive monitoring and maintenance of these servers ensure that your data is secure and well backed-up for contingency situations.

We enjoy a close working relationship with the company and can boast of tremendous expertise in Microsoft tools and technologies.

Optimal Security

All our servers are protected by powered hardware firewalls and effective anti-spam and anti-virus software that restricts spamming and data intrusion.

Absolute Control

C Panel is an easy-to-understand user interface that can be operated by lay persons. Graphical representations and user-friendly features make it a handy tool for web hosting purposes.

Cross-Platform Availability

We work on advanced technologies like ASP, .Net, PHP, etc. and allow for convenient hosting on Linux as well as Windows servers.

No matter whether you need a Dedicated Server for your Business Website or Shared Hosting Services for Home and Small Business, SSPL provides reliable, versatile Web Hosting with 24X7 Customer Support.